PhD in Computer Science, Software Engineer, Hacker



National Research Institute in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA, team Cassis) and Department of Computer Science for Complex System (DISC, team Vesontio), respectively at Besançon and Nancy, France:

University of Sciences and Techniques at Besançon, France:


High school Jules Viette at Montbéliard, France:

  • High school diploma, Life and Earth Sciences speciality.


Training in various Computer Science domains.

Research publications

Important works

Late Co-Founder & Compiler Engineer at Wasmer

The most popular open-source WebAssembly runtime Wasmer on Github

I've joined Wasmer few weeks after the creation of the company. At the time of my departure, Wasmer became one of the most popular WebAssembly runtime in the world, with 17'000 stars on the Github organisation, with users like Confio, Fluence Labs, HOT-G, Brave, Google, Apple, SpaceMesh, Linkerd, SingleStore, Clever Cloud, Kong to name a few.

My engineering job mostly happened on the Wasmer runtime itself, which includes the API, the C API, the compilers, the ABI (mostly WASI), the engines, the middlewares, and the VM. At that time, I was the #2 contributor on this codebase. I also have participated to set up a “learning environment” with a polished collection of examples, a polished documentation etc. In addition to the runtime, I have created all the official embeddings, i.e. extensions to use Wasmer inside other technologies.

In early 2021, I became late co-founder, then doing all the corresponding tasks like accountabilities, hiring interviews, management meetings, operation meetings etc.

Wasmer runtime:

Wasmer embeddings:

Wasmer in more exotic places:

See all my open-source contributions. Learn more by reading my article about my departure of Wasmer.

Code Wrangler at Automattic

We are passionate about making the web a better place

I have joined the Payment team:

Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor Gutenberg on Github:

See all my open-source contributions.

Engineer at Liip

We consult, design, develop, follow-up

Work mostly for one customer,, a multi-national e-commerce application:

Create The Accessibility Machine:

See all my open-source contributions.

Engineer at fruux

Sync contacts, calendars & tasks, powers millions of users world-wide Fruux/Sabre on Github

Work mainly on Sabre, the open source CardDAV, CalDAV and WebDAV server:

See all my open-source contributions.

Intern at Mozilla Foundation

Building a better Internet, promote openness, innovation & opportunity

Worked under the authority of Paul Rouget, during 6 months:

Since this internship: Many bug reports, hacks and little projects during my spare time.


A modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries; aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds Hoa on Github

Creator and lead developer of the Hoa project:

The project has been archived in 2021.

See all my open-source contributions.

Industrial talks, events, and podcasts

Open Source Projects

Author or release manager of:

  • Wasmer, the most popular and leading WebAssembly runtime written in Rust, and all its embeddings in C/C++, Python, Go, PHP, Ruby, Java, Postgres (author), and some other projects like:
    • LLVM custom builds, a LLVM pre-built infrastructure,
    • interface-types, an experimental implementation of the WebAssembly Interface Types proposal,
    • sonde, a library to compile USDT probes into a Rust library,
    • loupe, a set of tools to analyse and to profile Rust code,
    • and many others
  • Hoa, a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries (author, 120 millions installations, 6.8k Github stars),
  • atoum, a simple, modern and intuitive unit testing framework for PHP (release manager, 1.2 millions installations, 1.4k Github stars),
  • pickle, the PHP extension installer (release manager, 1.4k Github stars),
  • Tagua VM, is an experimental PHP Virtual Machine that guarantees safety and quality by removing large classes of vulnerabilities thanks to the Rust language and the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure (author),
  • inline-c, a Rust crate to write and execute C code inside Rust (author),
  • Atlasr, a truly open-source and free map browser (author),

Contributor of:

… too many projects to list them all!


I have created

  • Praspel: A specification language for contract-based testing,
  • PP: A grammar description language for an LL(k) compiler compiler,
  • XYL: A graphical language inspired from HTML and XUL,
  • MiniJaja: A school-project, a Java-like language with an associated VM (JVM-like), type checker, memory manager etc.

I know and use

  • favorite Rust,
  • markup XML, HTML, RDF, DOM,
  • object PHP, Java,
  • functional C, Javascript, Scheme,
  • structural JSON, YAML,
  • relational PL/SQL,
  • modelisation UML, B-Method, Event-B,
  • specification Praspel, JML, OCL, ACSL, Spec#,
  • graphical CSS, XYL, XUL, MCSS,
  • vectorial SVG,
  • human English, French.
  • markup XSLT, XSD, Doctype, XSL-FO, Latex,
  • object C++,
  • functional Caml, Python, LISP,
  • low-level LLVM, MIPS,
  • script Zsh, Bash, Batch, Lua,
  • vectorial PGF,
  • artificial intelligence Prolog.
  • markup SMIL,
  • object C#,
  • functional and object Ruby, Haskell, Perl,
  • human Arab, German.

Extracurricular activities

  • Hack, hack, hack (software, hardware…),
  • Woodworking,
  • Photography,
  • Trips,
  • Discover new cultures,
  • Hack, hack…